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Dinosaur Bone Lariat Necklace

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This long, eight-strand lariat-styled necklace features a rare fossilized dinosaur bone "donut" as the pendant and additional dinosaur bone beads in several different shapes.

Red tiger's eye, garnet, hematite, carnelian, sterling silver, glass, and seed beads are incorporated to pick up the full range of natural colors within the fossilized dinosaur bone. Small stone donuts and buttons are also worked into the design.

A large sterling silver bead tops the tassel hanging below the pendant. The strands are gathered into sterling silver cones and finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp. The result is an eclectic design that is as different as it is beautiful!

This 34" lariat can be worn loose at its full length or twisted for a shorter and different look!

  • Materials:  Dinosaur bone, red tiger's eye, hematite, carnelian, sterling silver, glass
  • Necklace length: 34.0 Inches (untwisted)
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