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Custom Designs

I enjoy collaborating with someone to create custom beaded jewelry that perfectly suits the buyer’s desires – for themselves or for a gift for someone else. Do you have a necklace that you love but no matching or complimenting earrings? Please contact me with your idea and your budget and let’s see what we can design!

This set was custom designed for a husband as a gift for his wife. She loves African animals and has decorated their home with many replicas of them. The husband and I discussed what she might like, I did a mock-up of the design and he approved it – all with photos and emails.


Repurposing Jewelry

I love to re-design/re-purpose unloved jewelry into something that will be enjoyed anew!. Perhaps you have a piece of jewelry or multiple pieces that have sentimental value but aren’t something you’d wear “as is” – please contact me and we can discuss what I might be able to do for you. Here’s one woman’s story:

We met a young couple and their daughter one day, sitting outside Starbucks. It was a sad day in their life because of the passing of one of their parents. We got talking and we invited them over to see our horses and for their daughter to ride - something enjoyable in an otherwise difficult time. They were in the area for a short time after the funeral to prepare his parent's home for sale. Among the personal effects were many pieces of beaded jewelry belonging to his mother. The woman admired my cowboy hat with headband that I'd designed, and I agreed to create a custom band for her with her mother-in-law's jewelry. The result will provide both of them a sweet memory for years to come. At the center is a brooch that was part of the collection.


Jewelry Repair

I can usually repair broken beaded jewelry – replacing missing parts with an identical component or a similar one. If you have jewelry with a clasp that doesn’t suit your needs, we can discuss a better solution. Is your necklace or bracelet too long or too short? Contact me to discuss what might be possible.