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Anasazi Pottery and Fijian Necklace

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This truly unique necklace features a pendant made by New Mexican artist Dayton Simmons from a shard of pottery. Dayton has carefully traced the origins of the shard to the Anasazi Indians of the Four Corners area (New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona) circa 1200 A.D.

Message from Dayton Simmons: "The energy and magic of the "Ancient Ones" is the focus of this jewelry. The beautiful prehistoric pot shards come from the Southwest and have not been enhanced. The intent is to honor and preserve them into wearable art."

Complimenting the pendant are ceramic, yellow jade and carnelian beads. The sterling silver hook and eye clasp have been purposefully oxidized for a dark look.

The ceramic beads were handmade of local sandy earth by Fijian natives in a tiny village on the island of Savusavu at the edge of the Koro Sea. I was privileged to visit there and brought home these beads.

  • Materials:  ceramic pottery shard, yellow jade, carnelian, ceramic beads, sterling silver
  • Necklace length: 23.0 Inches
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