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Phoenix Rising Vintage Glass, Tourmaline and Sterling Silver Necklace

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At the center of this statement necklace is a vintage, Chinese hand-painted bead that features a beautiful red Phoenix on one side and a mountain temple scene on the other side. The painting is done on the inside of the glass! The necklace can be worn with either side facing out. 

The large glass bead (1.5"w x 1" h) is surrounded by special sterling silver beads to form a pendant. The necklace for the pendant is created with black tourmaline, sterling silver accents, deep red Swarovski crystals, and red glass. The necklace is finished with a lovely sterling silver box clasp with red inset glass.

  • Materials:  Glass, sterling silver, black tourmaline, Swarovski crystals
  • Necklace length: 16.5 Inches
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The stunning "rising Phoenix" bead was painstakingly hand-painted, with fine detail, on the interior of the glass some years ago in China. It has a layer of clear glass over a translucent white core. Artisans who can do this type of work have become scarce to extinct in China today and these little works of art are no longer being made.