Seahorse Agate Necklace

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For this design, I took a ceramic seahorse bead (unknown artist) and surrounded it with stone beads that remind me of driftwood, citrine and amazonite rondelles that are just that color shallow ocean water gets as it passes over white sand. The necklace is finished with a sterling silver and citrine box clasp. For me, the overall effect is tranquil, so I named this necklace, "Seahorse Tranquility." 

  • Materials:  Ceramic, agate, citrine, amazonite, sterling silver
  • Necklace length: 18.0 Inches
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I believe the stone beads used in this necklace are agates. Here is some interesting information I just read about agates: "Agates are characterized by their distinctive banding patterns, and this is what attracts me to these particular gemstone beads. Agate is formed in small spaces of volcanic rock where water containing high amounts of silica is pushed through, and these waters create each layer of the banded agate pattern that you see when the rock is cut apart. When there isn't enough silica left behind to fill up the entire space in the volcanic rock, druzy (crystal) formations occur, leaving behind thousands of tiny, shimmering crystal points similar to what you see in an amethyst quartz geode.

Because of its volcanic nature, agate is an extremely durable gemstone and can be intricately carved into gemstone cabochons, beads, and decorative items like statues, plates, and even cups. Metaphysical Properties of Agate If you want to use your agate gemstones for healing, it is believed that they are best used as powerful emotional healers. Agates are believed to help discern truth, encourage honesty, and improve memory and concentration. Energy healers sometimes use agates placed under the pillow to help relieve insomnia or to banish bad dreams."